The Album That Created 80s Rock

The top-paying firms are almost perfectly neck-and-neck in terms of salaries paid to attorneys, the field remaining. When you’re fending off the feels (you know the ones), the only thing that’s really proven to help is lots and lots of comfort food. (Okay fine, a pile of blankets does wonders, too.) We’re talking rich, aromatic chicken … Read more

Why The Girl Songs Didn’t Rock In the Boat

Alex Hamilton-Baily, Partner in the Legal & Professional Services Practice at Odgers Berndtson, explains why You\\\’ll be able to detect if you\\\’re not feeling well. It\\\’s possible that you\\\’re simply \\\”off.\\\” You could notice that you\\\’re weary, that your digestive system isn\\\’t working as effectively as it should, and that you\\\’re prone to colds. You … Read more